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About Blox Watch[]

Blox Watch is a movie created by ObliviousHD. Just reminding that this movie DOES NOT exist in The Oder Roblox Horror Movie. Just giving facts that Pankayz and Zerophyx got involved into this movie. Their similar voices were created inside the movie. 

One day, when Charlie came to a new Robloxian Highschool , Pankayz & Zerophyx told her about the forest. Strange things that could happen around the town. They told her about the problem after they saw her dropped one of Leo's books. Including a book about the legend of Guest 666. Charlie went into her class after they told her about the story. 

Our Founder will be creating this Wiki at 29th of July. He will be creating, BLOX WATCH & The Oder ROBLOX Movie WIki. The Founder of this wiki has seperated into both wikis, and creating both of them. If you want know more about BLOX WATCH, visit our new Wiki!


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Blox Watch